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Bernhard Koch

The Mystery of the Maharishi of Mt Kailash

Sadhu Sundar Singh meets the over 300-year old prayer warrior of Christ

Mystery of the Maharishi

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In the beginning of the last century the Indian Christian Sadhu Sundar Singh met a very old prayer warrior on the roof of the world – the Maharishi of Mt Kailash.

Called by Jesus the Maharishi has been interceding for the church of Christ since many years. In the process he has remarkable experiences with the spiritual realm, which are almost unknown to people from the western world. The story of the Maharishi is nearly unbelievable. It reaches far beyond our previous comprehension of what one can experience with heaven now.


Sadhu Sundar Singh has been called the »Apostle of India«. He has preached the message of Jesus Christ in many villages and towns of his home country, but also to surrounding nations. His proclamation and exemplary conduct of life fascinate his fellow countrymen as much as Christians all over the world.

Bengt Wedemalm

In His Majesty's Service

Wedemalm, In His Majesty's Service

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»This book gives you exciting insight into how the Spirit of faith operates in someone who is on the cutting edge of what God is doing. Some incidents will seem awesome to you but all of them can be an encouragement to your faith. I have known Bengt personally for many years and am always blessed by his positive,    no-nonsense approach to the way in which we as Christians are called by God to be overcomers. You only become an overcomer
by having one situation after another when it is necessary for you to overcome!« (Excerpt from the foreword by Colin Urquhart)

The Power of Faith

Wedemalm, The Power of Faith

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It is Jesus who said, nothing would be impossible to those who believe. Many people feel they do not have what it takes to experience breakthrough in life. But the exciting truth is: All you need is one “mustard seed”!

Bengt Wedemalm ministers the Word of God worldwide, regularly going into areas that are unreached by the Gospel. He also is a sought-after conference and seminar speaker. Bengt is married to Vivianne. They have four children and live in the United Kingdom.

Doug Lanza

As God Sees You

This 30 day devotional is desgined to help you see yourself in a whole new way through the word of God. The scriptures provide a window into God's perspective of his children, You will be transformed as you see yourself „As God Sees You“.


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Lanza, As God Sees You

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