Michael Van Vlymen

Der Hunger nach Jesus lässt Michael Van Vlymen in den Himmel schauen und die Dimension des Geistes erfahren. Er freut sich, von vielen gottgegebenen Offenbarungen berichten zu können. Seine Botschaften vermitteln: Jeder kann das Übernatürliche Gottes erfahren. Mit seiner Familie lebt Michael in Carmel, Indiana.


Gott hat dir Augen gegeben, schauen musst du selber.
― Michael Van Vlymen


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Oktober 2017

NewsBLOG From Michael Van VLymen

Still Waters International Ministries School of Translation in Manila


by Michael Van Vlymen, February 7, 2017


The School of Translation in Manila was an incredible event. Over 300 in attendance for the five day school with everyone so evidently hungry for God it truly moved me. Dr. Bruce Allen teaching and revealing the revelation that God had given him to teach on this powerful end-times subject. Also ministering was Reshma Allen, Gordana Van Vlymen and myself.

The thing that really got my attention was that it seemed that virtually everyone was fully engaged in the process. No one was coasting, all were doing the engagements and taking the steps of faith as we led them into this revelation.

God has truly shown that this is HIS school and He has made sure that virtually everyone in attendance has experienced His touch.

Can I just take a moment to share how passion for God opens up Heaven in our lives? In one particular school, after we had talked much about spending time with the Lord in prayer, one woman asked "Does God really want us to waste so much time in prayer?" I was sad that she didn't understand but believe that God will show her. In contrast, in this school in Manila, a woman came up to share her testimony....

She said that because we had asked everyone to pray and seek God and then record in their notebook what occurs, she told the Lord that He had to give her something so she could fulfill her assignment. This woman prayed all night. She said that at six in the morning she was still telling the Lord "Lord you have to do something because I have this assignment." After praying all night, the Lord Jesus came into the room and laid his hand on her back and ministered to her. She was undone. She could barely get the words out as even the memory of what had happened overwhelmed her. Passion for God is the place where encounters with Him occur.

There were many such testimonies and there were many who were healed and delivered. On one of the last days, Reshma Allen (Dr. Bruce Allen's wife) and my wife Gordana prayed for the class, prayers of impartation and healing and whatever else the Spirit led them to pray. There were incredible manifestations of God's power with signs and wonders in evidence also.

The leadership in the Philippines was phenomenal in how they conducted the school and treated us truly as family with great love. We made many new friends and I would like to thank Bishop Daniel Balais and Susan, Wyden King and his wife and daughter, Pastor Ed, Susan who watched out for us and all of those who blessed us so wonderfully with their kindness. (and there were many!) Thank you all for your prayers.

It is truly an honor to play a role in what God is doing in these amazing schools of translation.

I know I'm leaving so much and so many people out....

God Bless.


November 2016